Software – A Great Tool for Needleworkers (Windows)

Where’s that note?

Several years ago I found a try-before-you-buy organizer program, AZZ Cardfile, that has saved me hours of lost time and numerous headaches. AZZ Cardfile is very user-friendly, and if you’ve used a Windows OS and any basic word processing program, there’s really no learning curve involved.

AZZ allows you to set up as many card files as you like. You can even download card files on various subjects that others have developed, such as an Embird card file. After entering a title for each new card, you then enter your data, pictures, and object files. Formatting, text color, highlighting, bulleting, and font choices are also available.

The thing I like best about this program is the visible list of card titles in the left column. You don’t have to go looking for your information. Every card title you’ve created is listed in alphabetical order, making it simple to click and have your information fill the screen immediately.

I have created individual card files for all my sewing machines, sergers, and embroidery and graphics software programs. Every time I happen upon a helpful hint or some useful information, I record it in the corresponding card file. How many times have you read a great tip while visiting your Yahoo groups and trusted it to your memory? Possibly you scratch your notes down on little pieces of paper that have a way of getting lost under all that fabric and fiber. AZZ Cardfile is the perfect cure.

If you need a good data organizational tool in your studio, visit the AZZ Cardfile website and check out the many wonderful features this little program offers.


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