Thank you, dear readers

My life has certainly changed since my mother suffered a stroke. She lived through it and is now in a nursing home. She lost use of the right side of her body: she can’t walk or talk. However, she is responding well to therapy and retained her ability to swallow.

My time is divided between work and the nursing home, which is about 20 minutes from my home. I’ve missed blogging as well as having some free time to experiment with all the wonderful fabrics and fibers out there. I gave some thought to retiring Fembellish Journal, but I’m not willing to take that step just yet. I hope to carve out a little time here and there to continue working on tutorials, just at a slower pace than before.

I want to thank all of you who wrote me and left comments concerning my mother. Each one meant so much to me. For the first few weeks while my mother was in the hospital, I would come home late at night and read your comforting words. They really lifted my spirit.

I also want to thank Tami at Lemon Tree Tales and Eefje Kaasjager for the Nice Matters Award. You are both so kind to consider me worthy of the award, and I’m pleased that you enjoy the blog.

At present, I’m not able to personally answer your emails or answer questions within comments. I hope you can understand that my plate is full at the moment and time simply doesn’t permit it.

I hope all of you are exploring, creating, and honing your skills. I look forward to doing the same again soon.

Blessings, Rene

Time Treasured