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This has been a whirlwind week. My grandson was scheduled for a Tuesday morning delivery via C-Section, so we left for Augusta on Monday. On the way, we stopped to make a delivery of handbags to a new boutique in the Greer/Spartanburg area. When I checked the blog Monday night, I saw the links from several sites regarding the Thinking Blogger Award, but knew I wouldn’t be able to post my five nominees until I returned home.

Tuesday through Thursday I was busy cuddling my grandson! I then returned home only to find my washing machine had sprung a leak, the kind that makes for very clean floors after it’s all cleaned up. That means today will be spent shopping for a new washer and dryer. Although I explained to my husband that this purchase musters the kind of excitement I would have over receiving a new broom and dust pan on Christmas, these really are important items considering all the fabric that gets prewashed, all the fabrics that need to be PDF, and all the items that need to be heat set. So maybe my excitement is one notch above a new broom and dust pan.

There are so many wonderful blogs that deserve the Thinking Blogger Award, but the guidelines state five. My thanks again to all those who tagged Fembellish Journal.

The first three blogs belong to talented fiber artists that live and write their passion. Spending time on their blogs is time richly rewarded and mentally stimulating.

The fourth blog, Posie Gets Cozy, finds itself in the sidebar of countless other blogs for good reason. Alicia Paulson designs creative nostalgia. However, she is as gifted at writing as she is at designing. If you ever find yourself stressed, visit this blog. I would describe it as everything a blog should be and then some.

The fifth blog is total inspiration. These are artists who paint one picture and day and post them on their blogs. I would love to create one finished piece of art a day! But alas, fiber isn’t always submissive to time. You will give a lot of thought to color after visiting this blog.



Painted Threads

Posie Gets Cozy

Daily Painters Blog


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